Adrian Arambulo
Adrianna Weingold2
Adrienne AlpertKABC
Alan Massengale2 / Sports
Alex Biston
Alex Cheney
Alex Witt
Alysha Del Valle
Amanda SalasKTTV
Amber Lee Weather
Amelia Rose Earhart – helicopter
Amy Johnson
Amy Murphy
Amy Powell7
Amy Sewell – KTLA / KCAL9 (2013-2018)
Anabel Munoz
Andrew Amador – KCAL /
Andy Riesmeyer
Angie Crouch – KNBC
Angie Austin
Annette Arreola – NBCTV
Angela Black
Ann Curry – reporter / KCBS (1984–1990)
Ann Martin
Anthony Yanez – Meteorologist / @AnthonyNBCLA |
Antonio Mora
Araksya Karapetyan
Art Rascon
Art UleneKABC / 80s
Ashley Brewer https://twitter.com/abc7ashley
Asha Blake – KTLA / KNBC

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