Garth KempKABC / KCBS2 / Weather
Gayle Anderson – KTLA Morning News
Gary Franklin
Gary Miller – sports / KCBS (2005-2017)
Gene Gleeson
Gene kang
George Fischbeck – Weather
George Lewin – TV5
George Pinnacchio – 7 / Entertainment
George Putnam
Georger Spears (hellicopter)
Gigi Graciette
Gill Stratton – Sports
Gina Silva – KTTV
Ginger Chan – KTLA / Traffic
Giselle Fernandez – KTLA Morning News
Glen Walker – KTLA
Gordon Tokumatsu – @GordonNBCLA
Gordon Weir – NBC 4 Weather 1950s
Greg Lee – 7
Greg Phillips – KCBS2
Gretchen Carr

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